Online Application 2017

Online Application 2017

Course Selection
This online application form allows you to apply for courses sponsored by the JVI, the Austrian authorities (Federal Ministry of Finance and Oesterreichische Nationalbank), and the European Investment Bank. We recommend using an up-to-date browser. Please read the General Training Information page and the relevant subsection to find out about eligibility before you apply.

Application Agreement
You will need to upload a signed and stamped application agreement from an authorized official in pdf format before you can submit your application. A blank agreement can be downloaded here.
Curriculum Vitae
Please upload your up-to-date CV in pdf format.
Personal Details
Additional Information
Please provide any additional information relevant to this application, especially your motivation for wanting to take this specific course. It may also include any previous work experience, any relevant technical assistance your institution is receiving, or any other information not apparent from your present duties and responsibilities.
Immediate Supervisor
University Education
Please give details of your university degrees, starting with the most advanced one (i.e., PhD then MA then BA).

Previous JVI or IMF Training
Have you ever taken this course before?

Have you taken any other JVI/IMF courses (including online) before?

If so, please list those most relevant to this course (max. 3).

Relevant Skills
Rate your level of English according to the Common European Framework.

Rate your knowledge of the following programs:

Would you be willing to give a presentation in class on course-related policy issues in your country?

The selection process will start after the official application deadline for the course has passed.
All applicants (accepted, stand-by, rejected) will be notified at least 4 weeks before the start of the course.
Please note that the JVI takes pictures and videos of participants during the training and may use them in JVI online and print publications, and other promotional material.


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