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Fiscal Sustainability and Fiscal Risks Analysis


TARGET GROUP | World Bank Group staff and selected country

clients (especially from ministries of finance and central banks).


DESCRIPTION | This one-week hands-on training course presents

an introduction to practical tools that are useful in country analysis

to help economists better assess a country’s fiscal risks and fiscal

positions under various macroeconomic conditions and prepare

consistent fiscal forecasts under uncertainty. It will help deliver

analytically informed policy advice for the design of development

policy and other WB lending operations, and related non-lending

products, with fiscal policy measures. It will also help assess fiscal

impacts of state-owned enterprise (SOE) operations and energy

subsidy reforms. It could help identify fiscal risks from a country’s

demographic structure (e.g. aging), impacts of natural disasters, and

from large infrastructure development plans using market-based

financing/public-private partnerships (PPPs) with a view towards

maximizing finance for development.

The course format includes presentations and hands-on case studies

with discussions on operational applications. The course is designed

as a series of modules that build on each other in which participants

are divided into groups, under the guidance of counselors, to

implement the diagnostic and analytical tools presented in the

lectures and to develop consistent forecasts of key macroeconomic

debt and fiscal indicators. Class size will be kept small and the content

is tailored to fit participants’/regional interests. The course instructors

are drawn from World Bank’s Fiscal Policy Global Solutions Group’s

(GSGs) Global Expert Teams in the specific thematic areas, and

invited external technical experts/practitioners.

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Course Details

Start: 20190429Apr 29
End: 20190503May 03

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: IBRD

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Application Deadline: By invitation only

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