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Social Protection, Taxation and Employment


TARGET GROUP | Officials at the Ministries of Finance or Labor, and Social Security Institutions involved in the analysis and design of labor taxes and social benefits.


DESCRIPTION | This course provides an overview of the impact of labor taxation and social benefits on employment outcomes in advanced and emerging European countries, with an emphasis on reform options and associated tradeoffs. Boosting employment is a priority in many advanced and emerging European economies, where labor markets are often constrained by demographic trends, low labor-force participation, and weak productivity growth. Undeclared work remains a significant challenge, leaving many individuals without social protection and reducing revenue collection. For these reasons, many governments are considering reducing labor taxation to boost employment and reduce the size of undeclared work.


COURSE OBJECTIVES | Upon completion of the course participants should be able to: i) understand key issues in taxes and social benefits that are critical for promoting employment and reducing undeclared work, and ii) design a package of reforms customized for their own countries' parameters.

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Course Details

Start: 20190424Apr 24
End: 20190426Apr 26

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: IMF

Admin Arrangements

Application Deadline: February 11, 2019

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