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Risk-Focused Bank Supervision and Risk Assessment


TARGET GROUP | Junior- to mid-level bank supervisors from central banks and supervisory authorities.


DESCRIPTION | This course is designed to enhance a participant's analytical and deci-sion-making skills through lectures and group work that simulates actual bank examina-tion activities. Lectures will cover four primary risk categories: credit, operations, market, and liquidity. Each risk category lecture will focus on the processes and tech-niques for developing a risk assessment in preparation for creating an examination scope and plan. During the group case study work, participants will use critical thinking skills to review bank’s data, documents, and previous examination work papers and summary findings to identify and prioritize areas of risk and evaluate risk management processes. Participants will develop a written risk assessment that identifies strengths and weaknesses for the functional areas and assess the overall risk of the examined in-stitution. As part of the functional review, participants will identify examination tech-niques to employ as part of the on-site examination.


The seminar utilizes a single case study throughout the program to demonstrate the risk-focused approach to assessing and examining a bank's credit, market, liquidity, and operational activities. In addition, the course highlights the core elements of the exam-ination process, such as planning, implementation, and follow-up.


After completing this seminar, the participants will

• Be familiar with the skills and responsibilities regarding risk-focused supervi-sion principles

• Understand processes for identifying and measuring inherent risk for critical risk areas

• Be capable of analyzing appropriate information from bankers to develop a fi-nal institutional risk profile and identify material findings of supervisory con-cern

• Be familiar with examination techniques to review high-risk areas identified through the risk-assessment process


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Course Details

Start: 20190617Jun 17
End: 20190621Jun 21

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: JVI/FED

Admin Arrangements

Application Deadline: April 18, 2019

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