Course Schedule 2020

Tools and Policies for Inclusive Growth - Virtual Training - Cancelled


TARGET GROUP | Officials in ministries of finance, economy, trade, labor, the environment, in central banks, and other national agencies charged with evaluating and formulating policies to foster sustained economic growth, job creation, and poverty reduction.


DESCRIPTION | This virtual, one-week course aims to equip policymakers and their advisors with a solid understanding of the factors driving inclusive growth so as to improve the quality of their contribution to policy dialogue and analysis. The course consists of a mix of lectures, group debates, and hands-on workshops. It includes both theoretical and applied policy discussions on the growth-poverty-employment nexus, and fiscal policy for inclusive growth. The course also deals with important issues such as skills &, education, labor markets, and green growth, among others. The impact of COVID-19 crisis on inclusiveness will be discussed as well.

While not identical to the IMF’s course on Inclusive Growth, this course covers similar topics and materials. Therefore, applicants who have previously participated in the IG course will not be considered for participation in the TPIG course, and vice versa.


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Course Details

Start: 20201109Nov 09
End: 20201113Nov 13

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: BMF/IMF

Application Deadline: October 27, 2020

Course cancelled

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