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JVI Newsletter ▪ May 2023    

Dear Friends of the JVI,

You will find in this newsletter reports on recent courses delivered at the JVI. The Financial Sector Surveillance course was particularly topical in the context of recent, high-profile bank troubles. A new IMF course on dealing with labor market informality focused on how tax policy, revenue administration, labor market policies, and social insurance programs can influence labor market informality.  The course on Macro-financial Stability in Central, Eastern, and Southeastern Europe, a “classic” of the JVI curriculum, was extended this year by three days to allow for the inclusion of new lectures and workshops. A webinar discussed the issue of greening monetary policy in times of high inflation

Please also read the report on the recent Meeting of Training Directors, during which our main counterparts in JVI countries and our partners gathered in Vienna to give us feedback and discuss how to increase the impact of training provided by the JVI and its partners. 

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback of any kind, please write us a note at jvi@jvi.org. Many thanks to Rilind Kabashi, our Editor, Maša Valenko, and all the contributors to this Newsletter. 

Hervé Joly
Director, Joint Vienna Institute

Financial Sector Surveillance Course
Financial sector surveillance has been reinforced since the Global Financial Crisis, and any financial crisis event serves as a reminder of the importance of assessing well in advance the various vulnerabilities, triggers, and symptoms of such events in financial markets. Given...
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A new IMF Course on dealing with labor market informality
Unregistered employment, partial or non-compliance with reporting and payment obligations as regards income taxes and social contributions have been persistent – and often worsening- phenomena in the economies of Central and Eastern Europe as well in Central Asia. The causes are...
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Extended and updated Course on Macrofinancial Stability in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe
After having been offered virtually in 2020 and 2021, the course Macrofinancial Stability in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe took place again as a face-to-face course this year from April 17-26 at the JVI. It was organized and delivered jointly by the Osterreichische...
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Central Bank Digital Currencies: Principles and Policy Considerations

Financial Programming and Policies

Macroeconomic Diagnostics

Consumer Price Index-Advanced

Financial Markets and Instruments

Public-Private Partnerships

Climate Change Economics

Future of Taxation



Training directors discuss how to increase the impact of JVI training

JVI Webinar: Greening monetary policy in times of high inflation

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