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JVI Newsletter ▪ March 2023    

Dear Friends of the JVI,

This newsletter reports on recent courses covering a broad range of interesting and diverse topics, such as Understanding, Assessing, and Managing Fiscal Risks, Cyber Risk Supervision, Nowcasting, and HR Issues and Compliance. The JVI recently hosted the first in-person meeting of the Southeastern Europe Community of Practice on Tax Arrears Management. A webinar provided an update on reform proposals for EU fiscal rules. We were also very pleased to welcome several high-level visitors, including the Director of the IMF’s Institute for Capacity Development, the Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Austria, and a delegation from the Academy of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia.

This week, our main counterparts in JVI countries and most of our partners are in Vienna for our third in-person Meeting of Training Directors. They are giving us feedback, including on how they see training priorities in the region, and we are also discussing how to increase the impact of training provided by the JVI and its partners. More on this in the next newsletter!

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback of any kind, please write us a note at jvi@jvi.org. Many thanks to Rilind Kabashi, our Editor, Maša Valenko, and all the contributors to this Newsletter. 

Hervé Joly
Director, Joint Vienna Institute

JVI Webinar: Greening monetary policy in times of high inflation
Over the past years a lively debate has ignited on the role that central banks can play in tackling climate change. On the one hand, proponents for an active role of central banks in both climate change mitigation and adaptation point at the fundamentally disruptive nature of...
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Cyber Risk Supervision – Path to Operational Resilience
The course on ‘Cyber Risk Supervision – Path to Operational Resilience’ was delivered in Vienna during the period March 6 – 10, 2023. The course was attended by 28 participants (including 10 women participants) from 13 countries, representing central banks, supervisory agencies,...
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Course on Understanding, Assessing, and Managing Fiscal Risks
Following two years of virtual delivery, the IMF course on Understanding, Assessing, and Managing Fiscal Risks was delivered in-person for the first time at the JVI from February 27 to March 3, 2023. 27 participants from 16 countries were selected from a list of 87 applicants....
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The first Nowcasting Course at the JVI
The IMFs Nowcasting course was delivered for the first time at the JVI during February 20-24, 2023. This one-week course equipped participants with tools to incorporate high-frequency economic indicators into the forecasting process. 26 participants, mainly from ministries of...
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HR Issues and Compliance
From February 13 to 17, 2023, JVI, the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) in cooperation with the Deutsche Bundesbank conducted the course on HR Issues on premise in Vienna. 30 HR managers and specialists from central banks and ministries representing thirteen countries...
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Nonperforming Loans

Fiscal Sustainability

Monetary Policy Communication

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Principles and Policy Considerations

Financial Programming and Policies



Study Visit of a Georgian Delegation

IMF’s ICD Director visits the JVI

Uzbek Ambassador visits the JVI

Meeting of the Southeastern Europe Community of Practice on Tax Arrears Management

JVI Webinar: EU fiscal rules: An assessment of trends and prospects against the backdrop of the ongoing economic governance review

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