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JVI Newsletter April 2018  
Please see below the April 2018 edition of the JVI newsletter. It’s been a busy few months at the JVI, so this issue covers a lot of topics! In November, the European Commission delivered its annual seminar on European Monetary Union for enlargement candidate countries, and in February the IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department organized a workshop on gender budgeting for countries in Southeastern Europe. Also in February, George Kopits – an old friend of the JVI – delivered a public lecture on rules-based fiscal frameworks. In March, the OeNB and the Deutsche Bundesbank ran a course on HR issues and compliance, and we also hosted a peer-to-peer workshop for central bankers from the Caucasus and Central Asia, run jointly with the IMF and the Swiss National Bank. This is the 5th time this group has met, and this time the focus was on improving monetary operations. We also welcome a new staff member, Mykhaylo Palahitskyy, who joined the JVI in April.

Our goal with these newsletters is to bring together stories and news from JVI in one place on a quarterly basis. Among other things we highlight upcoming deadlines for application to JVI courses. As always, we are very interested in feedback on the content of the newsletter, and on the activities of JVI more broadly. Thanks are due to contributors, and to Adam Gersl and Carina Wurzinger for pulling this newsletter together. Please share your views with us at jvi@jvi.org. We look forward to seeing many of you at the JVI during the year.

Thomas Richardson, Director

JVI Hosts CCA Central Bank Practitioners
On March 5-7, 2018 the JVI hosted the fifth IMF Caucasus and Central Asia (CCA) Central Bank Practitioners Peer-to-Peer Workshop. Participants discussed difficulties confronting CCA central bankers in designing and conducting monetary policy in the transition to...
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Course on HR Issues and Compliance
For the first time in many years, the JVI hosted a course on HR Issues and Compliance, taught jointly by staff from the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) and Deutsche Bundesbank (BBk). The course took place from March 5-9, 2018, with participants coming from...
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IMF Workshop on Gender Budgeting in South-Eastern Europe
February 20-22, 2018, JVI hosted the first workshop on Gender Budgeting in South-Eastern Europe, organized by the IMF. Ms. Carolina Renteria, Division Chief, and Mr. Johann Seiwald, Senior Economist, both from IMF’s Fiscal Affairs Department, presented IMF...
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Seminar on Economic and Monetary Union
Since 1999 the European Commission has held in JVI premises a yearly seminar on Economic and Monetary Union (Applied EU Economic Policy related to EMU) for officials from EU enlargement candidate countries, extended since the EU enlargement of 2004 also to officials...
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Toward a Comprehensive Rules-Based Macro-Fiscal Framework
How can fiscal authorities commit to pursue a predictable and transparent fiscal policy? What is the role of fiscal rules, transparency standards, and independent fiscal councils? On February 23, 2018, George Kopits, Member of the Portuguese Public Finance Council and...
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New Staff Member: Mykhaylo Palahitskyy
Mykhaylo joined the JVI in April 2018 as Receptionist/Program Officer. He previously worked at the Austrian Integration Fund, implementing the Austrian action plan for the integration of migrants, providing training and consultations. Mykhaylo has a background in...
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