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JVI Newsletter October 2018  

Please see below the October 2018 edition of the JVI newsletter. The 2019 course program is now available online, so I encourage readers to explore possible training options and to apply if you see a course that meets your needs. One change in the 2019 catalog is that Applied Economic Policy (AEP), our flagship course for more than two decades, will be shortened from seven to five weeks. We are dropping one IMF segment (Financial Programming and Policies) that is offered online and twice a year at the JVI, with the hope that some promising young officials who cannot be away from work for almost two months may be allowed to attend for just over one month. During the 2018 AEP, we organized a Gender Awareness Club to talk about measures that governments and individuals can take to remove barriers to female labor force participation and career advancement. Asel Isakova, who led this effort, discusses the Club in this newsletter. Finally, we have several new staff members at JVI. Their profiles are included in this newsletter as well.

Our goal with these newsletters is to bring together stories and news from JVI in one place on a quarterly basis. Among other things we highlight upcoming deadlines for application to JVI courses. As always, we are very interested in feedback on the content of the newsletter, and on the activities of JVI more broadly. Thanks are due to contributors, and to Adam Gersl and Carina Wurzinger for pulling this newsletter together. Please share your views with us at jvi@jvi.org. We look forward to seeing many of you at the JVI during the year.

Thomas Richardson, Director

The 2019 Course Program
At the JVI we aim to offer a balanced set of courses that will appeal to public officials in government ministries and central banks throughout the region. Our hope is that we can facilitate career development by offering a mix of introductory, intermediate, and...
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Euro Area Monetary Policy: Lessons Learnt from the Recent Crisis
The recent crisis and policy responses to it have affected institutions and monetary policy in the euro area (EA). That has had major consequences for Central, Eastern, and South Eastern European (CESEE) countries, which have close trade and financial links with the EA...
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Labor Force Participation in Europe
On September 4, 2018, the JVI hosted a public lecture on “Labor Force Participation in Europe” by Ms. Zsóka Kóczán, economist in the IMF Research Department. She examined the evolution and drivers of labor force participation (LFP) in European regions and US states and...
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The JVI’s Applied Economic Policy Course at 25: Still Going Strong
In June and July 2018, the JVI flagship Applied Economic Policies (AEP) course was offered for the 25th time. The course is a collaborative effort of the JVI, Austrian Ministry of Finance (BMF), Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB), International Monetary Fund (IMF),...
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JVI Gender Awareness Discussions
Why is gender equality important? Why are women paid less? And what are “glass ceilings” and “glass walls”? This year, in its flagship course on Applied Economic Policy in June and July 2018, JVI organized a series of discussions on gender equality with course...
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New Staff Member: Reiner Martin
Reiner Martin joined the JVI as a Lead Economist in September 2018, after previously being Deputy Head of the European Central Bank’s Macroprudential Policy Division. In this role he was responsible for assessing financial stability risks and the macroprudential policy...
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New Staff Member: Tareq Ayoush
Tareq Ayoush joined the Joint Vienna Institute as a Senior IT Officer and head of the IT department in August 2018. He is a professional Systems Engineer and Project Manager with more than 20 years of experience in the Information and Telecommunication Technology...
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New Staff Member: Christoph Daniel
Christoph joined the JVI as an IT Officer in July 2018. After his studies at the Vienna Technical University, he worked in Switzerland as an IT Engineer implementing highly customized CMS software for customers all over the world. After moving back to Vienna, he worked...
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Financial Stability and Supervisory Stress Testing for Banking Systems

Banking Supervision within the Basel Framework

Financial Markets and Instruments

Macroeconomic Management in Resource-Rich Countries


Compilation of Balance of Payment Statistics

Sound Fiscal Institutions

Macroeconomic Diagnostics

Competitiveness, Growth and Crisis

Advanced Course on Monetary and Financial Statistics

Financial Sector Surveillance


HR Issues and Compliance

Monetary Policy Implementation

Legal Aspects of International Financial Institutions

Macroeconometric Forecasting and Analysis

Financial Programming and Policies

Systemic Macrofinancial Risk Analysis

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Course on Fiscal Sustainability

Устойчивость налогово-бюджетной сферы

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