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JVI Newsletter ▪ July 2019    
Please find below the July edition of the JVI Newsletter. This issue includes a number of articles of interest to policy makers and analysts in the region. In particular, I would call your attention to pieces on fiscal topics (corporate tax policy and the IMF’s spring Fiscal Monitor) and the financial sector (bank profitability and macro-prudential policies). I was particularly pleased as well to host presentations on challenges for the EU and on the gender implications of technological change.
Please keep an eye on the JVI website for new courses which come in after our Brochure is printed. For example, I am very happy to have a course in November with the European Central Bank on Real Estate Analysis and Policies. Our 2020 course program should be ready to post by September, so stay tuned!
As always, our goal with these Newsletters is to bring together stories and news from the JVI in one place on a quarterly basis. Among other things, we highlight upcoming deadlines for application to JVI courses. We are naturally very interested in feedback on the content of the Newsletter, and on the activities of the JVI more generally. Please do share your views with us at jvi@jvi.org. Thanks are due to contributors, and to Adam Gersl and Simone Schelling for pulling the Newsletter together. We look forward to seeing many of you here at the JVI during the coming months!
Thomas Richardson, Director

The JVI’s Applied Economic Policy Course Keeps Innovating
From June 3 to July 5, 2019, JVI offered its flagship Applied Economic Policies (AEP) course for the 26th time. The course is a collaborative effort of the JVI, Austrian Ministry of Finance (BMF), Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB), International Monetary Fund (IMF),...
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Gender, Technology and the Future of Work
On June 21, the Joint Vienna Institute (JVI) hosted a lecture on “Gender, Technology and the Future of Work.” Ms. Era Dabla-Norris of Fiscal Affairs Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) discussed a recent IMF study of the impact on women of new...
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The Cost-Efficiency and Productivity Growth of Euro Area Banks
On June 6, 2016, Ivan Huljak, Senior Advisor, Croatian National Bank (HNB), and Reiner Martin, Lead Economist, Joint Vienna Institute (JVI), presented a paper on ‘The cost efficiency and productivity growth of euro area banks’. Thomas Richardson, Director, Joint Vienna...
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Presentation of IMF Paper: Corporate Taxation in the Global Economy
Profit-shifting and tax competition are major concerns under the international corporate tax system, with digitalization creating new challenges. Developing countries, which rely more strongly on corporate income taxes, are at particular risk. Thus, globally, faith in...
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Digging Deeper - Evidence on the Effects of Macroprudential Policies from a New Database
On May 20, 2019, the JVI hosted a public lecture by Gaston Gelos, assistant director, IMF Monetary and Capital Markets Department. Mr. Gelos introduced a comprehensive new IMF database of macroprudential policies, iMaPP, published in a recent paper, “Digging...
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Europe: What to do together? EU – Future Challenges
What are the current and future challenges the European Union will face? How do we tackle global warming and migration flows together? How do we react to the severe strain the global governance system has to deal with? On May 17, 2019, a panel chaired by Mr. Thomas...
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Fiscal Policy for a Changing Global Economy
Throughout the world, economic growth is slowing and public debt remains high. Meanwhile, demographic changes and technological advances are reshaping the global economy. How should fiscal policy react to support economic growth and inclusion, while ensuring that...
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A New IMF Course at JVI Discussing the Links between Fiscal Policy and Labor Market
For the first time, the Joint Vienna Institute (JVI) in Austria offered the course titled “Social Protection, Taxation, and Employment” during April 24-26, 2019. This course provided an overview of the impact of labor taxation and social benefits on labor market...
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China-IMF Capacity Development Center – EBRD Workshop on Sustainable Infrastructure
The China-IMF Capacity Development Center (CICDC) and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) organized their first joint workshop entitled “Holistic Sustainability in Infrastructure: How to Ensure Projects are Well-Prepared, Deliver Value for...
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Macrofinancial Stability in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe


Cash Circulation and Payment Systems in Austria

Tools and Policies for Inclusive Growth

Fiscal Sustainability

Model-Based Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting

Interaction of Monetary and Financial Stability Policies

Financial Translation and Editing: New Skills for New Challenges


Public Financial Management and Administrative Reforms

Real Estate Analysis and Policies

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Fiscal Sustainability

Public Financial Management and Administrative Reforms

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