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JVI Newsletter: Inaugural On-Line Edition  

The JVI is happy to present the first edition of its online newsletter which replaces the previous format of the JVI Alumni News. The newsletter continues to highlight our latest events and selected course developments, including information on upcoming course deadlines. Your feedback on the online newsletter would be appreciated. The JVI team looks forward to welcoming many of you in Vienna.

Norbert Funke, Director

Central Bankers from the Caucasus and Central Asia Discuss Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy
Reflecting renewed interest in exchange rate flexibility as currencies have come under pressure and many central banks are revisiting their monetary policy frameworks, the JVI recently hosted a two-day Caucasus and Central Asia Central Bank Practitioners (CCA-CBP)...
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Interaction of Monetary and Financial Stability Policies
A new course jointly organized by the JVI and the Bank of England’s Centre for Central Banking Studies (CCBS) during November 23-27, 2015, explored how monetary and macroprudential policies interact. Topics ranged from conceptual issues and country case studies to...
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Macroeconomic Policies in Europe: Quo Vadis?
What is the growth outlook for Europe? What have been the effects of the accommodative monetary policy of the ECB? How have advanced countries consolidated their fiscal positions? Mr. Christian Kastrop, Director of the Policy Studies Branch of the OECD Economics...
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The Boom-Bust in the EU New Member States: The Role of Fiscal Policy
Between 2003 and 2008 emerging Europe experienced a dramatic credit and domestic demand boom, fueled and financed by unprecedented capital inflows from Western European banks. The credit boom contributed to rapid GDP growth, but also to overheating and sharply...
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The Commodities Roller Coaster: A Fiscal Framework for Uncertain Times
How should natural resource-rich countries design their fiscal frameworks in times when commodity prices are highly volatile, unpredictable, and subject to long-lasting shocks? On November 26, 2015, the JVI hosted a presentation of the newest issue of the IMF’s Fiscal...
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Brain Gain and Brain Drain
Rafael Portillo joined the JVI’s faculty as a Senior Economist in January. He was previously a Senior Economist at the IMF, having worked there since 2005 in the Western Hemisphere, Monetary and Capital Markets, African and, most recently, Research departments. His...
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Application Deadlines

Legal Aspects of International Financial Institutions

Balance Sheets and Accumulation Accounts

Macro-Financial Surveillance

Macroeconomic Management in Resource Rich Countries


Macroeconomic Diagnostics

Written Communications in English

Financial Markets and Instruments

Macroprudential Policies

Structural Reforms

Advanced Course on Monetary and Financial Statistics


Financial Programming and Policies

Foreign Direct Investment Policies

Models for Policy Analysis


Monetary and Exchange Rate Policy

Macro-Financial Stability in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe

Investment and Investment Finance: Guiding Principles and EIB Group Expertise

Public Private Partnership

Quarterly National Accounts Manual

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