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JVI Newsletter June 2016  
Annual Lecture 2016: Dr. Hans Jörg Schelling, Minister of Finance, Austria
Europe is a success story and the euro a stable and successful currency. Nevertheless, more needs to be done to deepen cooperation between member states and make the current fiscal framework more transparent, simple, and predictable if the EU is to ensure joint fiscal...
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Euro Area Monetary Policy: Consequences for Emerging Europe
In recent years, the European Central Bank (ECB) has significantly loosened monetary policy in the euro area. What are the consequences for its neighbors? What are the main channels for the spillovers, and what are the main risks? A panel discussion on these issues...
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April 2016 IMF Fiscal Monitor: Acting Now, Acting Together
Global fiscal developments and the associated risks and policy options, as well as the relationship between fiscal policy, innovation, and economic growth were the key topics of the April 2016 Fiscal Monitor. On May 4, Mr. Victor Lledo, an IMF senior economist,...
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Slowing Capital Flows to Emerging Markets: Should We Brace for the Worst?
Following a surge in capital inflows during the last decade, flows to emerging markets (EMs) have since slowed considerably. Why? And will the falloff result in new debt crises in these countries? Zsoka Koczan, an economist in the IMF’s research department and coauthor...
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Bridging of EU and Eurasian Economic Union
On April 15, the Joint Vienna Institute hosted a debate on the prospects of integration between the long-established European Union and the recently founded Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU), currently consisting of five former members of the Soviet Union: Russia,...
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Global Drivers and Effects of Capital Flows: Views from the Recent Literature
What are the current patterns of global capital flows? Why are some countries running persistent current account deficits or surpluses? Mr. Dubravko Mihaljek, Head of Macroeconomic Analysis at the Bank for International Settlements in Basel and currently visiting the...
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