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JVI Newsletter Special Edition June 2017  
Introduction to the Special Edition of the JVI Newsletter
This is a Special Edition of the JVI Newsletter, one that we decided to put out to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, and the Conference that we will hold in late June to mark the occasion. The Joint Vienna Institute was founded in 1992, and the process of its birth had...
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25 Years JVI: Austrian Authorities Proud to Host this Outstanding Training Institute
The decision taken by Austria 25 years ago to invest financial and in-kind resources into the establishment of a training institute to provide capacity building in economic and financial management in transition countries has been a wise and forward looking one. After...
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The IMF and the JVI: What’s New in Training Provided by the Fund
The 25th anniversary of the JVI offers a good opportunity to review the evolving training offer by the IMF. A lot has taken place in the capacity building activities of the IMF over the past few years. Most notably, the Institute for Capacity Development (ICD) was...
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The JVI Turns 25: Reflections on a Success Story Without Parallels
Why and how was the JVI established 25 years ago? What were the milestones in its development? For answers to these questions, Adam Gersl, JVI senior economist, interviewed Eduard Hochreiter, Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) representative when the JVI was...
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European Bank for Reconstruction and Development on Capacity Building Challenges in the JVI Region
Convergence between living standards of the JVI region and those of advanced countries has slowed down in recent years. As a result, GDP per capita in the region continues to lag significantly behind levels in Western Europe or North America. A slight pick-up in growth...
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European Investment Bank on Capacity Building Challenges in the JVI Region
At the European Investment Bank (EIB), we believe that the demand for capacity building in the JVI region has shifted in the last few years. This is the result of several factors. First, the overall level of professional education in the public sector has increased...
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The World Bank on Capacity Building Challenges in the JVI Region
The key challenge that many countries face nowadays, not only in the JVI region, is boosting productivity and potential growth, while preserving macroeconomic stability. As negative output gaps close and cyclical recovery is almost complete, countries in the region...
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World Trade Organization on Capacity Building Challenges in the JVI Region
Many countries in the JVI region have joined the WTO in recent years as new members with a view to benefit from international trade and the rules of the WTO multilateral trading system. They have conducted major structural reforms and liberalized their economies in...
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Challenges for Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries in the EU and EMU Accession Process

Managing Capital Flows: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policies

Foreign Direct Investment Policies


Model-Based Monetary Policy Analysis and Forecasting

Macro-Financial Stability in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe

Financial Sector Policies

Public Private Partnership

Investment and Investment Finance: Guiding Principles and EIB Group Expertise

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The JVI in the 1990s

The JVI after its relocation to its current premises in 2003

The JVI's 20th anniversary

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