Course Categorization and Progression

An Indicative Guide to Choosing the Right Course

The following two tables provide a listing of a number of courses offered at the Joint Vienna Institute.

The first table focuses on courses offered by the IMF Institute for Capacity Development, grouping them into major categories while at the same time indicating their level. This provides an illustrative path that could be taken by country officials to progress from the introductory course in each category to the advanced level offerings, giving them an idea of which courses should be taken first. To the extent that there may be several courses in one category at the same level, an attempt has been made to put broader courses first. Depending on their area of specialization, participants should choose those courses that fit their needs most.

The second table focuses on courses offered by the Austrian Authorities—the Federal Ministry of Finance and the Oesterreichische Nationalbank—the JVI, and other training departments of the IMF. This table simply groups courses into major categories by each respective organization, as the majority are of an intermediate level, giving users a useful overview of what topics are covered.

Courses offered by Contributing Members—the EBRD, EIB, OECD, World Bank, and WTO are not represented in the tables. They are mostly by invitation.

Courses Offered by the Austrian Authorities, IMF Technical Assistance Departments, and the JVI



Advanced Course on Financial Stability Stress Testing for Banking Systems

Financial Education

Bank Restructuring and ResolutionBanking Supervision within the Basel Framework

Basel Framework and the Challenges of Implementation

Financial Stability Policy of Central Banks

Macroprudential Tools
FISCALPublic Financial Management and Administrative Reforms

Public-Private Partnerships

Sound Fiscal Institutions
Medium-Term Budgetary Frameworks, Fiscal Rules and Fiscal Councils

Challenges for Candidate and Potential Candidate Countries in the EU and EMU Accession Process

Integration in Europe: European Union and Eurasian Economic Union


Corporate and Household Insolvency

Legal Aspects of International Financial Institutions

Legal Frameworks for Central Banks 
MACROECONOMICSMacrofinancial Stability in Central, Eastern and Southeastern EuropeSystemic Macrofinancial Risk AnalysisApplied Economic Policy
MONETARYCash Circulation and Payment Systems in AustriaMonetary Policy Implementation
STATISTICSMonetary and Financial Statistics Collected and Compiled by the ESCBCompilation of Balance of Payment Statistics

Government Finance Statistics

National Accounts Statistics

Residential Property Price Indexes

Securities Statistics
Competitiveness, Growth and Crisis

Foreign Direct Investment Policies

Inclusive Growth

Public Governance and Structural Reforms
Structural Reforms
HR Issues and Compliance

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