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Macroeconometric Forecasting and Analysis (JV18.11)


TARGET GROUP | Government officials involved in developing macroeconometric models and forecasting for the analysis, design, and implementation of macroeconomic policy. Participants should have an advanced degree in economics or equivalent experience and a background in econometrics. They should also be comfortable using EViews for econometric applications. It is highly recommended that applicants complete the online Macroeconometric Forecasting (MFx) course before enrolling in this course.


DESCRIPTION | This two-week course, presented by the IMF’s Institute for Capacity Development, gives government officials a rigorous foundation in the estimation of macroeconometric models and their application for forecasting and policy analysis in central banks, ministries, and public research institutions. Participants will work in groups on hands-on estimation and forecasting exercises.


OBJECTIVES | Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to:


• Identify the bases for a number of model specifications

• Use EViews software to apply modeling techniques to country data and replicate results from important published research papers

• Apply the techniques learned to country cases from their region to forecast and analyze a policy issue

• Apply appropriate tools available in the EViews econometric package, to their own work or research and that of other countries when they return home


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Start: 20180430Apr 30
End: 20180511May 11

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: IMF

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Application Deadline: January 19, 2018

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