Macrofinancial Stability in Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe - Virtual


TARGET GROUP | Junior to mid-level managers as well as senior economists and financial stability experts working at central banks and ministries of finance in the area of economic and/or financial analysis and research. Participants should have an advanced degree in economics or finance and hands-on experience with macrofinancial stability assessments.


DESCRIPTION | This one-week course focuses on macrofinancial stability issues in the CESEE region, with a special emphasis on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. The content of the course is designed to help participants better understand the interactions between the real economy and the financial sector and learn how to assess/evaluate macrofinancial stability risks under the current circumstances. Participants are introduced to a range of assessment tools that are used at the Oesterreichische Nationalbank and in international and supranational institutions such as the European Central Bank or the World Bank. The contents conveyed in the lectures are covered in more depth in workshops and participant presentations.

Course Program

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Course Details

Start: 20211011Oct 11
End: 20211015Oct 15

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: OeNB/JVI

Application Deadline: September 15, 2021

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