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Implementing Government Debt Management Strategies


TARGET GROUP | Central bank and finance ministry technical and management-level staff involved in policy analysis and policy making in debt management.

DESCRIPTION | This one-week workshop aims to build capacity in various aspects of implementing a debt management strategy, including designing a cost-effective funding program, in ways that contribute to developing the domestic debt market. Participants explore techniques to alter the existing portfolio structure, using swap operations, exchange offers and buyback programs. The workshop combines conceptual presentations, case studies, and a hands-on exercise to illustrate the processes and procedures for implementing a debt management strategy.

This workshop focuses on implementing a debt management strategy as developed in the previous week’s course “Designing Government Debt Management Strategies (DGDM)”.

Course Program

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Start: 20150608Jun 08
End: 20150612Jun 12

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: IBRD

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Application Deadline: By invitation only

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