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Government Debt Management Performance Assessment Tool


TARGET GROUP | External auditors for the public sector (Supreme Court and Court of Accounts staff), and mid-level officials from debt management offices, ministries of finance and central banks working on debt issues.


DESCRIPTION | Developing countries face various policy, institutional, and operational challenges due to weak debt management capacity and the lack of efficient debt markets, which require advanced knowledge of debt management processes and techniques. Also, public sector auditors are tasked with undertaking performance evaluations of government debt management practices, but often lack specific methodologies to carry out such activities. The Government Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) methodology, which was updated by the World Bank in 2015, provides a systemic tool for assessing debt management performance based on international sound practices in government debt management.


This one-week course aims to (i) acquaint participants with the new trends and challenges in public debt management in developing countries, and (ii) help participants understand the scope and methodology for the application of the DeMPA methodology for designing debt management reforms and conducting external audit activities. By the end of the course, participants should understand the inter-linkages between the debt performance indicators, the use of evidence-based data for assessing debt management in a country, and be familiar with the scoring methodology. The course format includes presentations and hands-on case studies with discussions on operational application. It also includes a half-day module on designing debt management reform plans in developing countries, presenting capacity-building issues and sequencing aspects through actual country experiences. This exercise aims to help alleviate the weaknesses identified and analyzed by the DeMPA or through other assessments. It also enables participants to learn in detail about expected outputs and outcomes, actions, sequencing and milestones, and provide estimates of the budget and resources required to implement the plan.


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Start: 20170807Aug 07
End: 20170811Aug 11

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: IBRD

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Application Deadline: By invitation only

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