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Subnational Debt and Fiscal Management Course


TARGET GROUP | World Bank Group Staff and selected country

clients (especially from ministries of finance and central banks).


DESCRIPTION | This four-module course focuses on the financing side

of the sub-national fiscal system covering the following topics:


Module 1 - Subnational Taxation Policy

The session will focus on cutting-edge issues and challenges concerning

subnational taxation, in particular on types of subnational own

taxation (e.g., property tax, business tax), as well as those taxes that

are usually shared between the national and subnational governments

(personal income tax, corporate income tax, VAT, etc.). The session

will cover both design principles on tax policy and administration and

practical challenges based on cross-country experiences.


Module II: Fiscal Risks from Contingent Liabilities

Subnational entities often take recourse to ‘off-budget’ borrowing sources

to meet borrowing needs and finance public services. Even though ‘offbudget’,

this ‘hidden deficit’ is an incipient risk and source of budgetary

vulnerability for the subnational entity. The session will cover sources of

such risks in subnational entities and present measures to identify, monitor

and mitigate such risks, drawing upon cross-country experiences.


Module III: Subnational Debt Sustainability Framework and

Subnational Development Policy Operations (DPOs)

The session will discuss objective criteria for assessing fiscal and debt

sustainability at the sub-national (SN) level. They face many policy

and other constraints that central governments do not—e.g., rules

constraining borrowing practices, limited sources of finance, debt

and fiscal limits, limits on own revenue sources, earmarked transfers,

volatility of transfers, etc. This course aims to present a series of robust

methodologies and highly customizable approaches and tools that have

been developed and used to assess fiscal and debt sustainability in the

context of World Bank analytical work and lending operations.


Module IV: Subnational Debt and Cash Management Framework

Subnational debt and cash management have emerged as an important

public policy agenda for developing countries. This session will

present an analytic framework for subnational debt management and

country presentations from participants. In view of the importance of

liquidity management for sub-national governments, a session on cash

management highlighting the importance of cash flow forecasting and

cash balance management will also be delivered.

The course format includes presentations and hands-on case studies

with discussions on operational applications

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Course Details

Start: 20190211Feb 11
End: 20190215Feb 15

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: IBRD

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Application Deadline: By invitation only

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