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Public Financial Management and Administrative Reforms


TARGET GROUP | Officials from federal ministries of finance and economy, and other government agencies, who are actively involved in the implementation of public financial management and administrative reforms.


DESCRIPTION | This one-week course, which replaces the course on Administrative Reform in a Global Environment, covers recent administrative reforms in Austria, many of which are also on the policy agenda in other countries. The course offers a practitioner’s perspective, and participants are expected to have knowledge of fiscal policy and experience with the implementation of public financial management and administrative reforms in their countries. Top officials from the Austrian Federal Ministry of Finance, the Federal Chancellery, and the Parliamentary Budget Office will share their experience and discuss issues of administrative reform in Austria and at the European Union or international level.


The main aspects of public financial management reforms covered in the course include the reform of tax and customs administration, administrative burden reduction, intergovernmental fiscal relations, eGovernment, procurement, fiscal governance, risk and compliance management, spending reviews, budget management and reform, and performance budgeting management. Lecturers will explain the underlying reasons for reform, its essential elements, and the success factors, including recent evaluations. Particular attention is paid to the implementation of performance budgeting.


The course provides an opportunity to discuss concrete reform measures and to share experiences with the implementation of reforms, key challenges, and the factors for success. Participants are expected to engage in discussions and may be asked to give short presentations on their countries’ experience with public financial management and administrative reforms.


Participants gain practical knowledge from case studies on a country, regional, and enterprise level, and from Austrian and other countries’ experiences with respect to FDI-related policies in the framework of globalization and European integration.

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Start: 20201123Nov 23
End: 20201127Nov 27

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: BMF

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Application Deadline: August 23, 2020

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