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Debt Sustainability Framework for Low-Income Countries - Cancelled


TARGET GROUP | Officials of ministries of finance and debt management offices of countries which apply the Joint IMF-World Bank Debt Sustainability Framework for Low Income Countries.



DESCRIPTION | This one-week course presents the Joint IMF-World Bank Debt Sustainability Framework for Low Income Countries and conducts hands-on applications to case studies. Low-income countries (LICs) face significant challenges in meeting their development objectives, including the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), while ensuring external debt remains sustainable. The primary aim of the debt sustainability analysis (DSA) for LICs is to guide borrowing decisions of low-income countries to match their need for funds with their current and prospective ability to service debt, tailored to their specific circumstances. The framework provides guidance for their lending and grant-allocation decisions to ensure that resources to LICs are provided on terms that are consistent with their long-term debt sustainability and progress towards achieving the SDGs. This course will introduce participants to using the LIC DSA, including standardized forward-looking analysis of the debt and debt service dynamics under a baseline scenario and in the face of plausible shocks; an assessment of debt sustainability in relation to indicative country-specific debt burden thresholds that depend on the quality of policies and institutions; and an advisable borrowing (and lending) strategy that limits the risks of debt distress.


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Start: 20200302Mar 02
End: 20200306Mar 06

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: IBRD

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Application Deadline: By invitation only

Course cancelled

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