General Training Information

Topics and Languages
The JVI's training program consists mostly of one-to-two week courses on specialized topics and a 7-week course on Applied Economic Policy, with each course accommodating up to 30 participants. Each sponsoring organization offers courses and seminars in their areas of expertise. They are taught in English, with several providing simultaneous interpretation into Russian.

Target Audience
Training at the JVI is geared to public officials from our eligible target countries who seek to deepen their knowledge through policy-oriented training.

How to Apply
Courses are organized by the JVI’s sponsoring organizations and by other institutions, each of which determines the selection criteria, selects the participants, and takes responsibility for the logistical, financial, and other administrative arrangements for its courses. General information on arrangements and procedures can be found by clicking on the link to the respective organization: Austrian AuthoritiesAustrian Federal Ministry of FinanceEBRD, EIBIMFJVIOesterreichische NationalbankWorld Bank, and WTO.

Once selected, detailed information on administrative arrangements will be sent to participants in advance by the respective organization.

Code of Conduct
The JVI supports and follows the code of conduct implemented by the IMF's Institute for Capacity Development. Everyone at the JVI, including staff, lecturers and participants, are expected to adhere to this code.

The lecturers for JVI seminars and courses are drawn from the sponsoring organizations or from universities and research institutes. Most of the lecturers are practitioners in their field of expertise and are employed by the sponsoring organization. The JVI also employs 6 resident economists who teach a variety of courses, are involved with curriculum development, and carry out their own research on issues relevant to the JVI.

Participation in training at the JVI and all training materials are generally free of charge. Transportation to Vienna in most instances is paid for by the sponsoring organization; in some cases participants or their employers are responsible for transportation costs. For participants from eligible countries and institutions, accommodation is provided free of charge at the JVI Residence (or a nearby hotel). Eligible participants also receive a modest living allowance intended to cover the cost of meals and incidental expenses for the duration of the training.

Please note that participants are not permitted to have overnight guests in their rooms at the JVI Residence. If a spouse or guest wishes to travel to Vienna with a participant, they must make their own, alternative arrangements for accommodation in the city.

Health Insurance
Participants are covered by health insurance for a major part of medical and hospital expenses for the duration of their training at the JVI. These benefits, however, will not cover expenses incurred in connection with pre-existing medical conditions. Participants are responsible for medical expenses and will be reimbursed prior to departure.

Visa Requirements
For information on acquiring a visa for travel to Vienna, please click here.


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