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JVI Newsletter ▪ July 2022    

Dear Friends of the JVI,

We hope this finds you well, as the summer season is starting. I am happy to report that, after a two-year hiatus, we had the great pleasure of welcoming course participants in Vienna for the course on Climate Change and Green Finance (June 20-24). The return to classroom delivery will be gradual over this summer, and we expect to be back to the “new normal” this autumn. We have developed and implemented a Covid-19 protocol for course participants, which we hope will make the return to the classroom as safe as possible. This protocol will be adjusted as needed, based on the evolution of the pandemic situation in the region.

In this edition of the JVI newsletter, you will also find reports on courses recently delivered on bank restructuring, the European Green Deal, and the Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool. Recent webinars have covered the Regional Economic Outlook for the Caucasus and Central Asia and Shockwaves from the War in Ukraine. In the 2022 Annual Lecture, Professor Marek Belka analyzed 3 decades of success and challenges in Central and Eastern Europe.

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback of any kind, please write us a note at jvi@jvi.org. Many thanks to Rilind Kabashi, our Editor, Maša Valenko, and all the contributors to this Newsletter.  

Hervé Joly

Director, Joint Vienna Institute

Webinar on EU Membership and Convergence: The Experience of Central and Eastern Europe
The establishment of independent fiscal institutions has become part and parcel of a country’s recommended public financial management architecture. However, are all fiscal councils similarly effective in enhancing fiscal credibility and discipline? What design features, what...
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Climate Change and Green Finance
From June 20 to June 24, the Oesterreichische Nationalbank and the Austrian ministry of finance hosted a course on the long-term financial effects of climate change, how to identify and measure climate-related financial risks and on policy options for climate change mitigation...
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A collaborative virtual workshop with the European Commission on Climate Change Economics and the European Green Deal
Addressing climate change and its impacts is a pressing issue that affects all countries in the world. The JVI region is no exception in this respect. In fact, temperatures in this region have risen somewhat more than the global average in the recent years. The chart shows...
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An Introduction to the IMF’s Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT)
TADAT has become a globally recognized tool for assessing systems of tax administrations and is widely used by capacity development providers and tax administrations throughout the JVI region. From May 23-27, 2022, the Fiscal Affairs Department (FAD) of the IMF delivered at the...
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Two perspectives on bank supervision and resolution arrangements
Many countries in the JVI region have recently strengthened or are in the process of strengthening their institutional, legal, and policy arrangements necessary for sound bank supervision, resolution, and crisis management. The IMF strongly supports these reforms, including by...
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Public-Private Partnerships

Developing Domestic Debt Markets 

Financial Translation and Editing: Trends and Tools for Future Challenges 

Safeguards Assessments of Central Banks 

Financial Markets and Instruments 

The Future of Work: Opportunities and Challenges for Jobs Earnings and Inequality

Investment and Investment Finance: Guiding Principles and EIB Group Expertise

Strategic and Practical Considerations in Pursuing Money Laundering Cases

Interaction of Monetary and Financial Stability Policies

Managing Capital Flows: Macroeconomic Analysis and Policies

Crisis and resilience course

Public Financial Management and Administrative Reforms

Cash Circulation and Payment Systems in Austria

Full schedule 2022

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CCAMTAC and JVI Joint Webinar: Regional Economic Outlook: Inflation Dynamics and Spillovers of US Monetary Policy

JVI Annual Lecture: Central and Eastern Europe after 30 years. Success and Challenges Ahead

JVI Webinar: Shockwaves from the War in Ukraine

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