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JVI Newsletter ▪ October 2023    

Dear Friends of the JVI,

This newsletter reports on three recent courses: Policies for SME development in Eastern Partner Countries, an OECD course focusing on digitalization, monitoring & evaluation, and regulatory impact assessment. Investment and Investment Finance, an EIB course, is a staple of the JVI’s curriculum and discusses best practices and standards and how the EIB can support countries in the region. Finally, Monetary and Fiscal Policy Analysis with DSGE Models, one of the most advanced courses delivered by the IMF, focused on the design and use of such models for economic policymaking. A webinar discussed how GovTech can transform public finance. A short piece reports on my visit to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Tajikistan in September 2023. Finally, please meet Steven Cao Vu Nguyen, who joined the JVI as Finance Assistant/Program Officer earlier this month.  

Our entire course curriculum for 2024 is now available on our website; please have a look and spread the word!  

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback of any kind, please write us a note at jvi@jvi.org. Many thanks to Rilind Kabashi, our Editor, Maša Valenko, and all the contributors to this Newsletter. 

Hervé Joly
Director, Joint Vienna Institute

JVI Seminar: Will inflation persist amid tight labor markets in CESEE?
Following two years of double-digit growth, headline inflation is finally receding. Nominal wages have not kept pace everywhere, leading to workers’ real wage loss and possible wage catch up in the making. But with unemployment at historical lows, there is a risk that too much...
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An EIB course on Investment and Investment Finance
Bridging the gap between EU-level financing opportunities and potential projects at the national level is one of the ways to address Europe’s backlog of long-term investment. This is why over the years, the EIB Group has been actively involved in organizing a dedicated course on...
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A Course on Monetary and Fiscal Policy Analysis with DSGE Models
Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models have become an important tool for policy scenario analysis and forecasting in institutions involved in macroeconomic policymaking. As part of the efforts to develop the capacity to design and use these models in countries from...
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OECD training on policies for SME development
On 19-21 September, the OECD delivered a training course on “Policies for SME Development” at the JVI, with a specific focus on Digitalisation, Monitoring & Evaluation, and Regulatory Impact Assessment (RIA). Animated by 10 international speakers from the OECD, the EBRD, and...
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New Staff Member: Steven Cao Vu Nguyen
Steven Cao Vu Nguyen joined the JVI in October 2023 as a Finance Assistant/Program Officer. Steven is an Australian citizen with a Vietnamese heritage. Lived experiences across Australia, India, Canada, Japan, and Russia have significantly broadened Steven's horizons. His career...
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Institutional Sector Accounts - Advanced Level

Financial Education Initiatives – Best Practice and Strategies

Financial Stability Policy of Central Banks

Financial Programming and Policies - Blended


Competitiveness, Growth and Crisis

Sound Fiscal Institutions

Financial Sector Surveillance

Strengthening Medium-Term Budgeting of Capital Investments

Cyber Risk Supervision – Path to Operational Resilience

Government Finance Statistics - Advanced



JVI Webinar: Transforming Public Finances Through GovTech

The JVI Director visits three countries in Central Asia

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