2016 Schedule Online

September 15, 2015

Introduction by Norbert Funke

I have great pleasure in presenting the JVI’s <link training course-schedule-2016.html>online 2016 training program, a comprehensive set of training opportunities that aims at addressing the differing needs of the countries in the JVI target region. Many courses incorporate new and more advanced technical material, reflecting new policy challenges in an increasingly globalized world and progress in economic and capacity development in the region. For a full introduction to next year’s schedule, please see <link about message-from-the-director.html>my message and note that we will be offering a webinar in early October to explain the new program (details will be announced in due course).

I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some 2016 courses with application deadlines in the next few weeks, such as the IMF courses on <link training course-schedule-2016 course>Macroeconomic Management and Fiscal Policy and <link training course-schedule-2016 course>Macroeconomic Management and Financial Sector Issues, as well as the OeNB’s <link training course-schedule-2016 course>Advanced Course on Financial Stability Stress Testing for Banking Systems. 

Norbert Funke
Director, Joint Vienna Institute

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