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Ani Hunanyan

Март 24, 2022

I would like to express my gratitude to organizers who were involved in preparation and implementation of the virtual course on “Understanding, Assessing and Managing Fiscal Risks” for professional organization, selection of relevant, interesting and very useful topics. The highly organized lectures were accompanied by discussions, surveys, exchange of experience and country-specific examples. The course was designed to include all the key aspects of fiscal risks. I am confident the knowledge gained from the course will help me to better understand, monitor and manage the risks related to public finances. Ani Hunanyan, Advisor to the Program Implementation Department, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Armenia, Virtual Course on Understanding, Assessing and Managing Fiscal Risks, March 7-11, 2022

Ani Khanaghyan

Март 17, 2022

I'm very happy I had the opportunity to participate in the Competitiveness, Growth and Crises Virtual Course organized by JVI and AA. The course was organized at a high level and had a great structure. It gave an opportunity to understand the current situation, identify existing problems and achieve the best solutions, while getting acquainted with a very effective toolkit, which, of course, I will use in my job responsibilities. The lecturers were great professionals, great organizers who shared their experience and spared no effort to get great results for the participants. I will recommend this, and other courses organized by JVI to my colleagues. I express my deep gratitude. Ani Khanaghyan, Ministry of Finance Republic of Armenia, Virtual Course on Competitiveness, Growth and Crises, February 21 – March 4, 2022.

Lorete Aliu

Февраль 09, 2022

Attending the virtual training "Financial Soundness Indicators" has been a great opportunity for me to ensure professional growth and development. Lectures and exercises, presented during the training, have improved my knowledge in understanding preparation of the sectoral financial statements, accounting principles and especially data consolidation for the compilation of FSIs. Lorete Aliu, Central Bank of the Republic of Kosovo, virtual course on Financial Soundness Indicators,  January 31 - February 3, 2022

Jeyhun Aghayev

Декабрь 17, 2021

I am overly pleased by participating in a virtual course held by IMF and JVI, which offered a unique opportunity and valuable insights of common and specific challenges, possible solutions, as well as good practices in resource-rich countries. Well-organized sessions, enthusiasm and dedication shown by lecturers, useful practical and theoretical materials created a favorable environment for in-depth learning and successful participation.  Jeyhun Aghayev, Head of Division, Medium-Term Expenditure Framework Development Center, Ministry of Finance, Azerbaijan Virtual Course on Macroeconomic Management in Resource Rich Countries, November 29 – December 10, 2021

Hayk Babayan

Декабрь 10, 2021

The virtual course on Past and Current Crises and Future Challenges covered broad examples of basic theoretical and practical examples of historical and possible developments which are very useful to public policymakers and other experts. As a financial specialist from the Central Bank of Armenia I was delighted to learn that crisis examples cover more sectors than financial sector generally. We found out that the COVID-19 is not a rare but next pandemic and healthcare crisis. Presentations covering the climate change, developments in the labor market give huge theoretical basis to move forward into new work spectrum. Overall, the course was very enjoyable, the lecturers were supportive and to the virtuality, it added new fashion to the JVI. I will definitely recommend my colleagues to apply for this and other courses at the JVI. My utmost gratitude to the JVI and the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies (WIIW) for another amazing journey with you.  Hayk Babayan, Central Bank of Armenia Virtual Crisis Course: Past and Current Crises and Future Challenges (November 22 - December 3, 2021)

Dan-Grigore Ivan

Декабрь 10, 2021

The course is a good starting point for deepening your understanding on the causes and policy responses of the recent crises. The lectures cover a multitude of important topics, ranging from monetary to fiscal policies. Also, the reading list is a collection of curated and high-quality papers to guide you forward in your study. Dan-Grigore Ivan, National Bank of Romania Virtual Crisis Course: Past and Current Crises and Future Challenges (November 22 - December 3, 2021)

İbrahim Özbek

Ноябрь 09, 2021

The FPP virtual course, with its well-designed structure, presented the theory of macroeconomics in a simple way, while providing the opportunity to put theory into practice. Throughout the course, key  economic policies were discussed along with case studies, and the lecturers patiently listened to and addressed comments by participants. As participants continuously shared their own country experiences, lecturers were continuously bringing theoretical and practical background on when, where, how and why were various tools and policies used. I sincerely recommend everyone interested in macroeconomics and policy-making to enroll in this course to apply theory into practice and to gain different perspectives on economic policymaking.  İbrahim Özbek, Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey  Virtual Course on Financial Programming and Policies (October 18 - 29, 2021)

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