JVI Alumni Website Goes Live

March 12, 2015

We are delighted to announce that the revised <link _self>JVI Alumni site is now live! It is designed for JVI Alumni from both our 30 target countries, as well as those from elsewhere. Over 1,800 have already signed up, and with about 2,000 participants visiting the JVI each year, we hope that many more will join the network.

You may already be using one or several other social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter—so what is the value added of the JVI Alumni site?

First, our site is more focused and specialized, exclusively for JVI Alumni, and therefore mostly for public sector officials. It brings together the network you started to build in the classroom in one place, and allows you to find those you have already met, making it easy to further expand your network with like-minded officials facing similar challenges. As a registered alumnus, you can search for other registered users by first or last name, country, affiliation, or by one of the 30 specialized “areas of expertise.” The search system helps JVI Alumni identify colleagues from other countries that work in the same field, with the ability to contact them directly.

Second, you are able to give feedback on courses, rating them using one to five stars, as well as leaving written comments. While the JVI always seeks feedback at the end of each course to help improve our course program, the feedback here is mostly intended to help other Alumni better select which course to apply for next.

Finally, the site includes a discussion forum where Alumni can initiate a discussion by starting a new topic or pose questions on training or economic issues, helping you benefit from the collected wisdom of the JVI network. At the same time, it is closed to the non-JVI public, facilitating an open exchange.

The Alumni site is very easy to navigate, and we look forward to many new registrations and staying connected with the JVI Alumni community worldwide!

Tamara Tsikhistavi, Program & Alumni Relations Officer, JVI

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