Training directors discuss how to increase the impact of JVI training

April 05, 2023

Training directors from 23 countries and representatives from 12 partners met at the JVI on March 27-28, 2023. Training directors are the JVI’s main interlocutors in the institutions benefitting from JVI training, typically central banks, finance ministries, and economy ministries. The agenda of the meeting included a presentation of the JVI curriculum by partners, feedback from training directors on training needs in their institutions, several sessions on how to increase the impact of training received at the JVI, and a discussion on JVI outreach.

A survey of training directors and alumni conducted in 2022 showed high satisfaction with JVI training and provided insights that were used to design the agenda of the meeting. For instance, training directors and alumni expressed interest in the survey for more peer-learning events, and the meeting was an opportunity to discuss this issue in more detail (e.g., which topics to discuss in such events, which country experiences would be of interest). 

Participants discussed extensively the issues of “hybrid” delivery (i.e., training with some participants and/or lecturers in the classroom, and others joining remotely) and blended learning (i.e., training combining online, virtual, and classroom delivery). There was a broad convergence of views on the fact that face-to-face delivery had many advantages (including making peer-learning and networking much easier) and should remain at the core of the JVI model, but also that experiments with hybrid delivery and blended learning should continue as they have the potential to further improve the training experience and learning.

The meeting was also an opportunity for training directors to network and learn from their peers. This happened during sessions; in one of them, for instance, training directors discussed how their institutions are organized to assess training needs and address them most effectively. But this peer-learning and networking, including with partners, also continued very actively during coffee breaks and meals.

JVI staff are grateful that so many training directors and partner representatives participated in the meeting. The discussions were rich, and we will now explore how to implement the recommendations made in the various sessions.

Hervé Joly, Director, Joint Vienna Institute


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