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JVI Newsletter ▪ October 2022    

Dear Friends of the JVI,

I’m happy to announce that JVI courses are fully back to the classroom in Vienna. You will find in this newsletter reports on recent in-person courses on Safeguards Assessments of Central BanksPublic Private Partnerships, the Future of Taxation, and Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement. They illustrate well the broad range of courses available at the JVI, thanks to our many partnerships. A webinar presented Available Online Learning Opportunities from the IMF, while another one discussed how digitalization shapes the future of taxation. We had the visit of Austrian Federal Finance Minister Brunner, who engaged with JVI course participants on how rigorous and quantitative analysis can lead to better policymaking. The third virtual meeting of JVI Training Directors took place in October 2022 and provided useful feedback from users on the resumption of classroom delivery. Maximilian Fandl joined the JVI economics faculty in September. Michele Burlington-Green celebrated her 30th anniversary at the JVI.

Last but not least, a large part of our course schedule for 2023 is available on the JVI website! 

If you have any questions, comments, or feedback of any kind, please write us a note at jvi@jvi.org. Many thanks to Rilind Kabashi, our Editor, Maša Valenko, and all the contributors to this Newsletter. 

Hervé Joly

Director, Joint Vienna Institute

Seminar on Safeguards Assessments of Central Banks
A first in-person seminar on Safeguards Assessments of Central Banks since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic was held at the JVI from October 10-14. The seminar was delivered by IMF staff from the Finance and Legal Departments who conduct IMF safeguards assessments of central...
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Course on Public Private Partnerships
From October 10 to October 14 2022 the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies delivered a course sponsored by the Austrian Authorities on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs) at JVI. 22 participants from 12 countries took part in the course. The course was held in...
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WTO Workshop on Technical Barriers to Trade Agreement
On 28-30 September, as part of its technical assistance programme, and with the support and cooperation of the JVI, the WTO Secretariat organized a Regional Workshop on the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT Agreement). This Workshop brought together nineteen...
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First face-to-face delivery of the Course on Future of Taxation
Having been launched in virtual format in 2020, and also offered virtually in 2021, the one-week course on Future of Taxation took place for the first time as a face-to-face course from September 12 to 16, 2022 at the JVI. This course is one of the few courses at the JVI...
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New Staff Member: Maximilian Fandl
Maximilian Fandl joined the JVI as a Senior Economist in September 2022, after previously being a Senior Financial Stability Expert at the European Central Bank (ECB). Max started his career in the private banking sector and joined the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) in...
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30th Work Anniversary: Interview with Michele Burlington-Green, Chief of Administration at the JVI
This year the JVI celebrates 30 years as a training center. We use this occasion to talk to Michele Burlington-Green, who is celebrating 30 years at the JVI.  Michele, you have been with the JVI since its establishment in 1992. Can you tell us about your first...
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Financial Stability and Supervisory Stress Testing for Banking Systems

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Financial Soundness Indicators

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National Accounts Statistics - Advanced

Financial Programming and Policies

Competitiveness, Growth and Crisis

Financial Education


Monetary Policy Implementation


Understanding, Assessing and Managing Fiscal Risks

Structural Reforms

Cyber Risk Supervision – Path to Operational Resilience

HR Issues and Compliance

External Debt Statistics

Financial Sector Surveillance



Austrian Federal Finance Minister Engages with JVI Course Participants

Online Learning: Available Opportunities from the IMF

JVI Webinar: How digitalization shapes the future of taxation: trends, opportunities, and challenges

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