Financial Education


TARGET GROUP | Experts and mid-level officials from central banks and ministries with a background in communication, banking and/or economics.


DESCRIPTION | In the aftermath of the global financial crisis, financial education (FE) issues have come to the fore, and financial literacy has gained international recognition as a critical life skill for individuals. In this respect, more and more countries are developing tailored financial education strategies and programs. Central banks have also stepped up their activities. This course focuses on three main questions: (i) Why should central banks or other key stakeholders engage in and promote FE? (ii) Which target groups can best be reached, with which products and programs and through which channels? And (iii) how can financial education activities be best anchored within and coordinated across institutions and countries to ensure sustainability? The course introduces best practices in selected countries (national strategies) and presents examples of financial education tools. Participants are invited to contribute their respective country or central bank experience and to give situation reports. Interactive group work enables participants to work together and exchange experiences on certain topics.

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Course Details

Start: 20230220Feb 20
End: 20230224Feb 24

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: OeNB

Admin Arrangements

Application Deadline: January 20, 2023

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