Oesterreichische Nationalbank

Participation in courses offered by the Oesterreichische Nationalbank (OeNB) is generally by application. Applicants should apply via the online course schedule.

An essential condition for eligibility is to attach an application agreement from the government agency where the applicant is employed. Once selected, participants will receive detailed information about administrative and other arrangements.

Details for classroom trainings are listed below: 

1. Travel. The participant or the sponsoring agency is responsible for purchasing the participant’s round-trip airline or train ticket and for making travel arrangements. Participants are reimbursed a lump sum for tickets and related travel expenses after their arrival in Vienna.

2. Accommodation and Living Allowance. Accommodation and breakfast are provided at the JVI Residence. Please note that spouses or overnight guests are not permitted at the JVI Residence.

For the duration of the training, a modest living allowance intended to cover the cost of meals and incidental expenses is provided to participants from eligible countries and institutions.

3. Health and Insurance. Participants are provided with health insurance benefits covering medical emergencies only. These benefits will not cover expenses incurred in connection with pre-existing medical conditions, including pregnancy. Spouses and guests are not covered under the health insurance plan.

For more information on courses sponsored by the Oesterreichische Nationalbank, please contact:
Ms. Maria Silgoner
E-mail: maria.silgoner@remove-this.oenb.at

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