Macroeconomic Workshop for Members of Parliament from the Western Balkans

The JVI was pleased to host a macroeconomic capacity development workshop for Members of Parliament from the Western Balkans, sponsored by the Communications Department of the IMF.

The workshop took place from June 11 to 13 and included 21 MPs from Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia, most of whom serve on finance and/or budget committees. The workshop coincided with the announcement of a new IMF program for Serbia, and that agreement had been reached on the delicate name issue between Greece and FYR Macedonia. 

The workshop sessions covered many macro-relevant topics, including the economic outlook for the region, governance and anti-corruption, investment in public infrastructure, reform of the judiciary, banking challenges and financial sector supervision, the role of the IMF in combatting inequality, and the role of parliamentary budget offices. Presentations were made by IMF staff, including a number of resident representatives based in the region. (See agenda below.) The workshop was simultaneously interpreted into Albanian and into Bosnian/Croatian/Montenegrin/Serbian.

The workshop coincided with the JVI Annual Lecture, delivered this year by Mr. Johannes Hahn, European Commissioner for European Neighborhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations. He spoke eloquently about the EU’s new Strategy for the Western Balkans. 

Thomas Richardson, Director, JVI

Program and Presentations

Course Program

Session 1
AlbanianEnglish | Macedonian

Session 2
Albanian | BCMS | English | Macedonian

Session 3

Departmental Paper

Session 4
Albanian | BCMS | English | Macedonian

Session 6
Albanian | BCMS | English | Macedonian

Session 7
BCMS | English | Macedonian

Session 9
AlbanianEnglish | Macedonian

Session 10
BCMS | English | Macedonian

Session 11
Albanian | BCMS | English | Macedonian

IMF Publication

Session 12
Albanian | BCMS | English | Macedonian




Event Photos

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