COVID-19 – The Challenges to Cybersecurity

Monday, September 28

Mr. Tamas Gaidosch, Senior Financial Sector Expert, IMF
Mr. Gerald Dinca, IT Security Professional, Bank of Romania
Mr. Darius Povilaitis, Chief Security Architect, Central Bank of Lithuania

Mr. Tamas Gaidosch presented recent IMF work on this topic. Gerald Dinca and Darius Povilaitis presented the experience of their respective institutions.

The focus of the webinar was cybersecurity of remote work, which has emerged as a key challenge in the pandemic for both industry and regulators. Given the widespread shift to working remotely for a prolonged time and the inevitable vulnerabilities in this process, new and more cyberattacks have emerged and the trend is expected to continue. What are some of the exploited vulnerabilities and how are institutions targeted? How can supervisory authorities respond effectively and help the financial sector maintain and improve cyber resilience under these circumstances? Do authorities need to adapt regulations or change their approach to supervision? What are some lessons learnt so far?

The webinar addressed these main questions, aiming to explain in an accessible way often deeply technical issues that can make or break the cybersecurity of remote work.

The webinar was based on the following note from the recent IMF Monetary and Financial Policies Special Series on COVID-19:

“Cybersecurity of Remote Work During the Pandemic” (English)

The webinar was opened by JVI Director Hervé Joly, and moderated by Reiner Martin, Lead Economist (JVI).

Reiner Martin, Lead Economist, JVI


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