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Experimenting with New Training Methods: Blended Cohort Training

December 07, 2023

While face-to-face delivery is still at the core of the JVI’s training, the experience with new forms of delivery gathered pace during the Covid-19 pandemic. The rapid advances in the science of learning, instructional design and...Read more >>

The IMF course on Inclusive Growth

December 06, 2023

After it was offered for the last time at the JVI as a virtual course in 2021, the two-week IMF course on Inclusive Growth took place again as a face-to-face course at the JVI during November 6-17, 2023. 23 participants from 14...Read more >>

A Course on Crisis and Resilience

December 05, 2023

The JVI recently hosted a week-long “Crisis and Resilience” course led by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies. Aimed for acting professionals in the field, the course served as a bootcamp in crisis management...Read more >>

An EIB course on Investment and Investment Finance

October 25, 2023

Bridging the gap between EU-level financing opportunities and potential projects at the national level is one of the ways to address Europe’s backlog of long-term investment. This is why over the years, the EIB Group has been...Read more >>

A Course on Monetary and Fiscal Policy Analysis with DSGE Models

October 24, 2023

Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models have become an important tool for policy scenario analysis and forecasting in institutions involved in macroeconomic policymaking. As part of the efforts to develop the...Read more >>

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