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General Information
All IMF courses held at the JVI are taught in English, several with interpretation into Russian. The IMF will require an approved language test for candidates whose working language is not one of the relevant course languages, and who have no evidence of proficiency in the course language(s).

Courses by Invitation
Candidates are nominated by government agencies upon the request of the responsible IMF department. Nominees should use the training application system (TAS). The link will be provided in the nomination letter from the responsible IMF department. Subsequently, selected candidates are invited by the IMF's Institute for Capacity Development and provided with information on travel, accommodation, and other administrative arrangements for the course.

Courses by Application
For courses by application, applicants should apply online at the following link: An essential condition for eligibility is to secure a sponsor from the government agency where the applicant is employed (see application requirements below).

Application/Nomination Requirements
Each candidate must be employed by an eligible governmental agency, and must have a sponsor, a senior official in the agency where he or she works, complete and sign the Sponsor’s Nomination and Certification Form, which is included in the acknowledgement e-mail. Sponsoring agencies should not submit more than three applications per course from their agency. When more than one candidate is nominated, the sponsor should indicate an order of priority.

Selection and Admissions Process
Official sponsors should exercise the greatest possible care in presenting applicants who meet the criteria of academic background, job relevance, and language fluency. Only participants who will be available to serve their governments for a reasonable time after receiving training should be proposed. Sponsors are required to certify that, if accepted, the applicant will receive leave of absence with regular pay for the duration of the course; that, during his or her attendance at the course, the applicant will be given no other duties or assignments; and that upon return to duty the applicant will be placed in his or her former position, or in one with equal or greater responsibility. Priority is given to those applicants whose professional assignments are closely related to the subject matter of the course for which admission is sought. Applications must reach the Institute by the application closing date indicated for each course. Late or incomplete applications will not be processed. 

The IMF only contacts successful candidates eight weeks before the course starts. Applicants can follow the status of their application by logging in to the IMF website.

Self-Financed Participants
Candidates from international agencies, advanced regional countries, and local staff in IMF Resident Representatives’ offices, who apply to courses at our regional training centers and programs, if accepted, will take part as self-financed participants. They must cover their own airfare, per diem, and accommodation costs.

Administrative Arrangements

1. Travel. The participant or the sponsoring agency is responsible for purchasing the participant’s round-trip airline or train ticket and for making travel arrangements. Participants are reimbursed a fixed lump sum for tickets and related travel expenses after their arrival in Vienna. If participants experience difficulties arranging for their travel to Vienna, the IMF can make prepaid travel arrangements upon receiving a request from the sponsoring agency. In case of a withdrawal or failure to attend the course, expenses such as cancellation fees or the full amount of a prepaid ticket must be reimbursed to the IMF. Participants are required to arrive on time, attend all sessions, and stay through the last day of the course. The invitation may be withdrawn if a participant cannot comply with these requirements. If a participant has to be repatriated for any reason before the end of the training, the sponsoring agency is responsible for the costs of the repatriation, and the IMF must be reimbursed for all expenditures made on behalf of the participant.

2. Accommodation and Living Allowance. For the duration of the training at the JVI, the IMF provides a living allowance intended to cover the cost of meals and some of the participant’s incidental expenses. Accommodation and breakfast are provided at the JVI Residence. Please note that spouses or overnight guests are not permitted at the JVI Residence.

3. Health and Insurance. Participants are provided with health insurance benefits covering medical emergencies only. These benefits will not cover expenses incurred in connection with pre-existing medical conditions, including pregnancy. Spouses and guests are not covered under the IMF health insurance plan.

4. Miscellaneous. Detailed information on administrative arrangements, insurance, accommodation, etc., is sent to participants who are selected for training at the JVI.

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