Public Governance and Structural Reforms - Virtual


TARGET GROUP | Decision makers in ministries of economy, finance and social affairs, members of parliament, and regulatory agencies.


DESCRIPTION | This course discusses specific issues of good governance and structural reforms. The presentations draw on the ongoing political and academic discussions in the global economy, with emphasis on EU member states and candidate countries, as well as Austria’s reform process and experience. Attention is given to the applicability of these reforms to participants’ home countries. The course examines the regulatory role of the state, in which the quality of public governance and especially the establishment of the rule of law is important. Lecturers analyze reform goals and instruments in the context of the interrelationship between the public sector and markets, domestic and external. Also analyzed are the most important and demanding structural reforms being faced by prospective EU members, and the more advanced reform problems on the agenda of transition economies. The importance of education, healthcare, social security and labor regulation is covered in details. The need for environmental policy and sustainable development is thoroughly elaborated. Trends and challenges in research and innovation policy are also discussed, alongside with financial markets and regulation. As much as possible, emphasis will be put on the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, on the way it has forced us to re-think these issues, and on the possible ways it may change them.


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Course Details

Start: 20220509May 09
End: 20220520May 20

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: AA

Application Deadline: April 17, 2022

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