A Course on Crisis and Resilience

December 05, 2023

The JVI recently hosted a week-long “Crisis and Resilience” course led by the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies. Aimed for acting professionals in the field, the course served as a bootcamp in crisis management by providing participants with a robust framework and practical knowledge necessary for navigating the complexities of crisis economics.

The course examined the fallouts of economic crises, with a specific emphasis on the European region. It was broad ranging, from dissecting the reverberations of financial crises to navigating the unprecedented challenges catalysed by the COVID-19 pandemic and armed conflicts. 

A standout segment was the profound exploration of the humanitarian repercussions of conflicts, with Ukrainian speakers offering insider knowledge about the management of the large-scale humanitarian crisis. Beyond the immediate crisis fallout, discussions extended to future challenges of climate change and the challenges the green-transition policies present for financial markets, energy-intensive industries, and developing countries that seek EU integration. 

To strengthen the skill acquisition, the curriculum featured a set of interactive sessions. Participants were engaged in on-site exercises such as in-class simulations, games, and group-based case studies that helped to internalise the crisis management experience.

Encompassing critical aspects spanning fiscal, monetary, humanitarian, health, and climate change policies, the curriculum aimed not only to highlight crisis management but also to chart a course toward proactive measures in crisis mitigation and resilience building. Judging from positive reactions of the participants, the course will have contributed to building the capacity of a new generation of crisis managers.

Artem Kochnev, Economist, The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies


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