An update on Covid-19 rules at the JVI

January 02, 2023

All JVI courses have been delivered in the classroom since mid-September 2022, and the assumption is that this will continue in 2023. Considering the pandemic situation in Vienna, the JVI has decided to loosen significantly its Covid-19 rules. Barring major adverse developments, for courses with application periods closing after January 1, 2023, there no longer is any vaccination or recent recovery requirement to attend training at the JVI. Some Covid-19 rules remain in place, such as testing of participants and a protocol to deal with positive cases, so that Covid-19 cases can be detected early and dissemination limited as much as possible. The new Covid-19 protocol can be found here.

For courses taking place in early 2023 whose application periods ended before January 1, 2023, vaccination or recent recovery requirements remain, but JVI staff will stop requesting supporting certificates from the participants (i.e., a self-assessment approach will be implemented, with participants certifying that they understand and meet the JVI’s Covid-19 requirements valid at the time of application). 


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