Assessing and Managing Fiscal Cost and Risks from Public-Private-Partnership (PPPs)

April 06, 2021

From March 8 to 11, 2021, the IMF in collaboration with the JVI, conducted a virtual four-day workshop on Assessing and Managing Fiscal Cost and Risks from Public-Private-Partnership (PPPs).

15 participants from nine countries participated in the remote workshop. Participants were familiarized with good fiscal risks management practices and discussed international experiences in managing fiscal implications of PPPs. A series of eight PPP examples, covering both user-funded (concessions) and government-funded projects, where used during practical, hands-on sessions in which participants were trained in the use of the IMF-WB analytical tool PPP Fiscal Risk Assessment ModelPFRAM 2.0. The PFRAM 2.0 was used to: estimate the fiscal impact—both direct and contingent—of various types of PPP projects; perform sensitivity analysis on individual PPPs and the overall PPP portfolio to changes in main macroeconomic variables (e.g., GDP, inflation, nominal exchange rate); and generated a fiscal risks matrix for individual PPPs.

Participants highly valued the versatility and user friendliness of the PFRAM 2.0, which allow non-PPP experts to estimate the fiscal implications of typically complex PPP projects with a minimum amount of information. Many of the participants mentioned that they plan to apply the tool and the knowledge obtained in the workshop for their current jobs.

Isabel Rial, International Monetary Fund

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