Postponed: The Future of Work

April 27, 2020

One of the new course offerings we proudly presented in JVI’s 2020 Course Program was a workshop on The Future of Work: Opportunities and Challenges for Jobs Earnings and Inequality, in collaboration with the International Labor Organization (ILO). The course’s objective is to discuss the many changes that the world of work is undergoing due to the introduction of new technologies, demographic shifts, as well as the slowdown in globalization and heightened political uncertainty—the latter factors greatly increased in the face of the current Coronavirus crisis.

Unfortunately, JVI had to temporarily close its doors and we had to cancel courses this spring due to the ongoing crisis. While we will not be able to deliver the Future of Work at the originally planned week July 6 to 10, we remain determined to make the event happen later this year.

The course will give an overview of key labor market policy issues such as collective bargaining, minimum wages, employment protection legislation, and social protection. We will then discuss major challenges that policy makers will have to respond to, focusing on the recovery from the current crisis, demographics, climate change, technology, migration and remittances, and regional disparities.

This interactive workshop will be an excellent forum of exchange between policy makers of the JVI region. Together with our experts, participants will get a better understanding of labor market dynamics and potential policy responses to the challenges of our time to foster decent work and inclusive growth.

We are very excited about this collaboration with the ILO. Even though we will have to postpone the event, it is not canceled. Please stay tuned and look out for an announcement of the new course dates!

Holger Flörkemeier, Deputy Director, JVI

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