Course on Banking Supervision within the Basel Framework

September 02, 2022

From August 8 to August 12, the Deutsche Bundesbank in cooperation with the Oesterreichische Nationalbank and the JVI delivered a course in the area of banking supervision with a focus on the implementation of the Basel framework. 18 participants from 12 JVI countries attended the course. Both experts and participants were very pleased that the course could finally be conducted onsite again. The JVI underwent all necessary and reasonable precautionary measures to minimize the infection risk for all involved in the course. 

The course aimed to give an overview of the Basel framework and the Basel III reforms. It focused on both theory and practice, with special attention given to introducing the internal capital adequacy assessment process and the supervisory review and evaluation process. Furthermore, topics such as the examination of the credit business and the interest rate risk in the banking book, the management of non-performing loans and stress testing were covered. Participants were invited to work on case studies on specific topics of the course and to share their experiences by giving short presentations on specific aspects of banking supervision in their home country.

The course benefited greatly from the high level of commitment of the participants, the lively discussions during the lectures and the numerous opportunities for personal exchange and relationship-building. This clearly demonstrated the strengths and advantages of face-to-face courses.

Peter Spicka, Senior Advisor for Banking and Financial Supervision, Centre for Technical Central Bank Cooperation, Deutsche Bundesbank

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