Moving on: Interview with Maxim Hammer, Departing Program Officer at the JVI

September 08, 2023

Maxim Hammer has worked as a Program Officer at the JVI for 19 years. On the occasion of his departure, he spoke with JVI Newsletter staff about his experience here.

Max, you have worked for 19 years as a Program Officer at the JVI. Can you give an overview of your role and key activities during this period?

My primary role was to administer courses and to provide support to the finance department. It was quite an interesting mixture of responsibilities and tasks which were never a dull routine or something predictable. Working in both areas also helped me a lot to grow professionally. 

How would you describe your work experience here? 

The JVI is a great place to work; the team spirit and the mission of the organization are the two main factors which made me stay here for quite a while. Meeting people literally from all over the globe and expanding the horizons in every aspect are things you do not see that often in other places.

Was there a specific highlight for you during these almost two decades? Any anecdote you would like to share?

The Applied Economic Policy courses were probably the most memorable ones. These are the flagship courses at the JVI. We had a wonderful time with these groups of young and promising professionals. For instance, we used to play football during weekends; it was great fun and an excellent team-building experience.

What are your plans after the JVI?

The plan is to take some time off first and then concentrate on my PhD studies.

Rilind Kabashi, Economist, Joint Vienna Institute


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