Webinar Schedule 2023

Towards Positive Neutral Countercyclical Capital Buffer Rates in the JVI Region


Wednesday, June 28, 2023 at 14:00-15:30 Vienna time (CEST) 

Mr. Erlend Nier, International Monetary Fund
Mr. Aleksandre Ergeshidze, National Bank of Georgia
Ms. Rhiannon Sowerbutts, Bank of England
Ms. Evangelia Rentzou, European Central Bank

Mr. Maximilian Fandl, Joint Vienna Institute

Beyond the introduction of countercyclical capital buffer (CCyB) frameworks as part of the adoption of Basel III, several countries in the JVI Region, such as the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Armenia and Georgia, have introduced methodologies to ensure the CCyB rate is set at a positive level in standard risk environments in recent years. Outside the JVI region, several advanced economies have moved towards positive neutral CCyB frameworks as well, including the United Kingdom as the first country to introduce a positive neutral CCyB rate in 2016.

This JVI webinar brings together leading international experts from the IMF, Bank of England, National Bank of Georgia and European Central Bank with hands-on policy experience on the topic. We will discuss the suitability of positive neutral CCyB rates for countries in the CESEE, Caucasus and Central Asia region, learn from experience gained in setting and operating positive neutral CCyB rates so far, and touch upon key design issues, such as the appropriate calibration of the positive neutral CCyB level and timing issues in the prevailing financial stability environment.


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