Gender Budgeting

JVI plans to resume classroom training as soon as the COVID-19 health situation allows. This course is scheduled to take place at JVI, but may have to be delivered virtually in case safe travel to and in-person training in Vienna will not be possible. The decision to offer virtual instead of onsite training, or a combination of the two (hybrid), will be made within two months of the course start date.​
Vaccination against Covid-19 may be required before coming to Vienna.


TARGET GROUP | Government officials from various agencies involved in gender budgeting. These agencies include gender policy coordination units, ministries of finance, and ministries of women. Participants should preferably have some familiarity with the concepts or practice of gender budgeting. Mid-level to senior officers with experience in fiscal policy or budgeting.


DESCRIPTION | This workshop, presented by the Fiscal Affairs Department, provides an intermediate-level approach to gender budgeting, drawing on the IMF’s Public Financial Management (PFM) framework. Gender equality is on the government’s policy agenda in many countries. As the budget system is a primary policy instrument, it can play a central role in implementing governments’ gender policies and goals.

The workshop will help countries to: (i) develop a deeper understanding of gender budgeting practices and their integration with each stage of the PFM cycle; (ii) apply this to participant country practices through workshops; (iii) initiate a dialogue among participating countries on the design and implementation of gender budgeting initiatives and practices, with the objective of learning lessons and improving the impact of these initiatives. Participants will be invited to explain specific practices in their own countries, assess their own and other countries’ challenges, and propose solutions.

It also brings together government representatives from various agencies – including gender policy coordination units ministries of finance, and ministries of other specific sectors.


OBJECTIVES | Upon completion of this workshop, participants should be able to:

• Identify institutional perspectives on gender-responsive budgeting and gender equality.

• Better understand the levels of practice of gender budgeting at each stage of the PFM cycle and the interrelations between these stages.

• Identify the level of practice of gender budgeting currently being implemented in their own countries and how this can be affected by PFM challenges.

• Identify precise steps in moving towards improved practice in their own countries as well as the possible synergies of these steps with ongoing PFM reforms.

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Course Details

Start: 20220301Mar 01
End: 20220304Mar 04

Language: Eng/Pyc

Sponsoring Organization: IMF

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Application Deadline: December 08, 2021

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