Monetary and Financial Statistics Collected and Compiled by the ESCB

JVI is gradually resuming classroom delivery. This course is scheduled to take place at JVI, but may have to be delivered virtually in case safe travel to and in-person training in Vienna will not be possible. The decision to offer virtual instead of onsite training, or a combination of the two (hybrid), will be made within 5 weeks of the course start date.​


TARGET GROUP | Central bank (or other agency) officials responsible for the collection and compilation of monetary and financial statistics.


DESCRIPTION | This one-week course is designed to assist officials in the compilation of monetary and financial statistics. The course covers the following issues:


• An overview of the monetary and financial statistics collected and compiled by the European System of Central Banks (ESCB)—legal background, types of statistics, cooperation between national central banks (NCBs) and the European Central Bank (ECB)

• An overview of the concept of sector classification according to the European System of National Accounts

• In-depth presentations on methodology, underlying (granular) data model and data collection issues for Monetary Financial Institutions (e.g., balance sheet items statistics, minimum reserve statistics, MFI interest rate statistics, AnaCredit) on other financial intermediaries (e.g. investment funds statistics, insurance corporations and pension funds statistics)

• Methodology and data compilation issues for establishing statistics on financial accounts, including requests for monetary union financial accounts

• Data quality and data transmission requirements for the exchange of statistical information between NCBs and the ECB

• Publication of statistical data


The course emphasizes definitions and concepts of ECB-linked monetary and financial data and the analytical framework for addressing appropriate reporting requirements to respondents. It explains requirements for the collection, derivation or estimation of stock and flow data, the characteristics and classification of financial instruments, valuation of assets and liabilities, principles of economic sectorization and data consistency issues. Separate consideration is given to the financial statistics that appear in the financial account and the flow-of-fund accounts within the statistics on monetary union financial accounts.


The methodology covered in the course is based on ECB regulations and guidelines in the field of Monetary and Financial Statistics. The methodology of the financial accounts is based on the European System of National Accounts.


The course consists of lectures and case studies.


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Course Details

Start: 20221121Nov 21
End: 20221125Nov 25

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: OeNB

Admin Arrangements

Application Deadline: September 12, 2022

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