Euro Area Integration

All courses are scheduled to take place at the JVI. Courses may have to be delivered virtually in case safe travel to and in-person training in Vienna is not possible. The decision to offer virtual instead of onsite training will be made within 5 weeks of the course start date.

All participants are expected to follow our COVID-19 Guidelines.


TARGET GROUP | Experts and mid-level officials from central banks of EU member countries outside the euro area, EU candidate and potential candidate countries; applicants should preferably be involved with policy advice on international and legal matters in their respective central bank, as well as financial stability and EU-related issues.


DESCRIPTION | This one-week course deals with institutional challenges for central banks, related to the accession of their respective country to the European Union (EU) and the euro area. The course aims to address relevant aspects of organizational change in central banks in the run up to EU and later to euro area membership, including new or changing tasks as regards international fora (ECB Governing Council/General Council, IMF), dealing with new requirements for document management, including compliance with ESCB confidentiality regulations.

Furthermore, the course provides an overview of aligning the national legal framework, in particular the central bank law, to EU Treaty requirements, with a particular focus on central bank independence and with potential implications on the organizational structure of the respective central bank. The program also deals with preparations for the euro cash changeover, drawing on Austria’s experience.

Moreover, the course will focus on central bank decision-making processes, and on central bank accountability and transparency, comparing international case studies. Furthermore, central bank communication will be discussed from the perspective of a national central bank being part of a currency union.

The course will conclude with a module on the future of the Economic and Monetary Union, i.e. on deepening, enlarging and digitalizing the euro area. This module covers efforts to strengthen the international role of the euro and the Eurosystem’s work on digital central bank currencies. As regards euro area enlargement, the course deals with political and procedural issues relevant for central banks, e.g. preparing for ERM II membership.


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Course Details

Start: 20230508May 08
End: 20230512May 12

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: OeNB

Admin Arrangements

Application Deadline: March 19, 2023

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