Tax Collection and Arrears Management


TARGET GROUP | Managers and senior staff working in the Arrears or Debt Management areas.


QUALIFICATIONS | No formal qualifications are necessary, but participants should have at least five years’ experience in a tax authority.


DESCRIPTION | A key aim of tax administration is to attain high rates of voluntary on-time payment and low incidence of tax arrears. However, there always needs to be a focus both on effective management of the arrears when they arise and on preventing arrears occurring in the first place. Areas covered during the workshop include:- Smarter Debt/Arrears Collection;- Payment Thinking;- Accounts Receivable essentials;- Legal Framework;- Understanding your Arrears;- Arrears Prevention; and- Arrears Management.At the completion of the workshop participants will be equipped with tools to support them in management of Collections and Arrears.


OBJECTIVES | Collection and delivery of the revenue for the Government and the community is a critical role of tax administrators. This course aims to provide the participants with exposure to the fundamentals of effective and efficient payment and collections systems to minimize the occurrence of arrears as well as world best practices in treating arrears, including the use of emerging technologies and behavioral insights. The course will include group participation, leading to each participating country developing an action plan to take back to their respective countries for consideration and implementation.


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Course Details

Start: 20240429Apr 29
End: 20240503May 03

Language: English

Sponsoring Organization: IMF

Admin Arrangements

Application Deadline: January 21, 2024

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